5 Reasons to max out on Corps Units

People who have followed Legion from it’s release, would notice that in the competitive scene that most lists tend to max out corps units. This usually a variation of 5-6 Stormtrooper units with 0-1 Snowtroopers and the same can be said with Rebel Troopers and Fleet troopers. Here are 5 reasons why players choose to […]

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Inexpensive storage and transport

‘Wait, what do you mean these are for Alpha Squadron?’  Veteran Captain Ken perplexed ‘Sir, it says on the system these are for Alpha Squadron.’ Responded the junior quartermaster ‘These are not AT-ATs!’ ‘Yes sir, they’re not. But the Empire thinks these Imperial Interim Mobility Vehicles will do.’ ‘You’re kidding me, there’s no weapons or […]

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